Philadelphia Families' Bill of Rights - Educational Opportunities for FamiliesEducational Opportunities for Families

Philadelphia Families’ Bill of Rights

We the people of Philadelphia stand united with the students, parents, grandparents and guardians of school-aged children in defense of their right to attend a great school.

The school system has failed our families and communities for generations - we can’t wait any longer for the improvements we deserve. We commit to advocating that every family in the City of Philadelphia has the following educational rights.

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We have the right to…

  • Great schools that prepare our children for a successful future.
    Students stranded in failing public schools cannot afford to wait any longer. Every student in Philadelphia has the same right to a great school. We call for good schools to expand, failing schools to close and new schools to open in their place.
  • End geographic segregation of our schools.
    Neighborhood schools, and the cherry-picked boundaries that define them (aka catchment areas), segregate our schools by the haves and the have nots. Every student in Philadelphia deserves equal access to a high-quality school, regardless of neighborhood.
  • A simple, accessible and equitable enrollment system.
    Access to a good public school should not be based on where you live, who you know or how much time parents have to drive back and forth across the city working the system. We call on the District to adopt a universal enrollment system that reduces the barriers for poor families to access great schools.
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