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Changes coming for the students of Strawberry Mansion

The following statement is from the Executive Director of Educational Opportunities for Families (EOF), Sylvia P. Simms, regarding the upcoming changes to Strawberry Mansion High School.

“After decades as the poster-child for the School District of Philadelphia’s failing schools, we are encouraged that the district is finally moving to transform Strawberry Mansion and send it’s students elsewhere.  The school has failed to educate generations of children and the families in that neighborhood are desperate for a better option.  Considering the school’s terrible School Progress Report score of 5, it is no surprise that 75 percent of the students in the school’s catchment area already attending a school of choice.  

Unfortunately, Strawberry Mansion is just one of many schools in Philadelphia that are failing to educate our children.  We hope that this is a wake-up call for the parents and families in our City, to realize that stranding students in failing schools is not fair and will not be tolerated.  Our children deserve better.  EOF will continue to build a movement in our neighborhoods to fight for every student’s right to a good education.” 

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